The brand new mind-expanding one day Dairy-Tech event held in February at Stoneleigh will be a concept the dairy industry has not experienced before. It will focus on the science and technology and the supply chain of dairy farming, and the cutting edge tools to support a wide range of systems.

For example, satellite mapping offers new opportunities to chart nutrients, water, grazing cover and damage. Drones have the potential to monitor welfare and fertility. How could these applications be applied on your farm – and at what cost benefit?

What innovations could improve the way we manage slurry to separate and re-use water, nutrients, fibre and sand bedding?

How can a better understanding of the complexities of genetics make a stepchange in your herd performance? These and other new developments will be showcased at Dairy-Tech, including low-cost ways of automating farm operations and supporting herdsmen in their cow management duties.

A ‘Dragons Den’ corner will also offer visitors the chance to road-test and review a range of new innovations as well as provide budding inventors with a chance to sell their concepts.

For more information on Dairy-Tech please visit the website www.dairy-tech.uk

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Wednesday 7th February 2018  

08.00 to 18.00

Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, CV8 2LZ

Visit the Dairy-Tech website for full details, exhibitor information and more.