The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) is the only independent organisation dedicated to representing the interests of British dairy farmers. The RABDF strives to improve the status and well-being of British dairy farmers and the British dairy industry through the provision of technical information, training and lobbying activities.

Dairy farmer mentors wanted - RABDF Entrepreneurs in Dairying programme

The search is on for mentors to aspiring dairy farmers currently participating in Entrepreneurs in Dairying, the new business training programme launched earlier this year by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers... More

RABDF meets with MPs to discuss milk price crisis

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers is entering talks with leading MPs to share its deep concern over the current farmgate milk price trends and to discuss a way forward. .. More

RABDF/NMR Gold Cup Open Day 2015

Date: 06 May 15 - 06 May 15

  • Representing the interests of British Dairy Farmers
  • Run by dairy farmers for dairy farmers
  • Opportunity to join Council and make a difference
  • Invitations to all events organised by RABDF, including Farm Walks and the Gold Cup Open Day 
  • Free admission tickets to Livestock Event
  • The option to buy a further three tickets to Livestock Event at a reduced rate
  • Free advice on reducing electricity costs
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