Livestock Machinery and Equipment Award


This award recognises the importance of machinery and equipment to the current and future profitability of the livestock farming industry.

RABDF Livestock Machinery & Equipment Award Winner 2016

Pyon Products are presented with the Livestock Machinery Equipment Award at the Livestock Event 2016

Pyon Products are presented with the Livestock Machinery Equipment Award at the Livestock Event 2016

Pyon Products were presented with the 2016 RABDF Livestock Machinery & Equipment Award, for their newly launched Store and Thaw Colostrum Management System that provides the tools to harvest, test, label, freeze and quickly thaw colostrum to enable it to be fed within the first few hours after birth.  “The entry was a clear winner,” commented Lyndon Edwards, RABDF council member and chairman of the three-strong judging team. “We were impressed by the very practical, simple and value for money system which is British made – it ticks all the boxes. 

Previous Winners

  • 2015 Winner - Wynnstay with Pyon Products
  • 2014 Winner - Quill Productions
  • 2013 Winner - G Shepherd Animal Health
  • 2012 Winner - Northern Dairy Equipment
  • 2011 Winner - Dairy Spares Ltd
  • 2010 Winner - ADF Milking
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The RABDF Livestock Machinery and Equipment Award will be presented for the item of machinery or equipment which is, or likely to be, of most economic importance to the livestock industry. The Award takes the form of a silver trophy which the winner keeps for one year, together with a framed certificate specially designed for the award, signed by the President of the Association and retained by the winning entrant. 

Entries considered by the judges to be of sufficient merit will each receive a Certificate of Merit and the winners of these certificates will compete for the RABDF Machinery & Equipment Award.

  • Full conditions for the 2015 Competition and application form can be found here.
  • The competition is open to any machinery and equipment manufacturer or distributor exhibiting at Livestock Event.
  • Exhibitors making a claim for the economic value to the livestock industry for an item of machinery or equipment must supply, with their entry, details for the judges to evaluate.
  • An exhibitor may only make a single entry which must be displayed at the Event.
  • Information on all exhibits must be submitted to RABDF for confirmation of eligibility.
  • Should the number of entries exceed eight, the judges reserve the right to draw up a shortlist based upon information and written descriptions submitted at the time of entry.
  • The entries selected for the shortlist will be judged on Wednesday 8th July at Livestock Event with results announced and certificates presented at the close of the first day.
  • Entries, for which no fee is payable, must be submitted on the official entry form and signed by a senior representative of the organisation concerned.
  • The judges, appointed by the Organiser (RABDF), will have a spread of expertise and knowledge covering both practical livestock farming and an in depth knowledge of agricultural machinery and equipment. They will not be in any way associated with the award entrants.
  • Each entry must include the following:
    1. Entry form
    2. Details of the machine or equipment on one side of A4 covering the following product points
      • Outstanding features including most innovative
      • Potential market
      • Economic advantage(s) to the end user
      • Servicing requirements
      • Running costs including replacement parts & cost
      • Safety features
      • Energy usage
      • Year first introduced to UK market
      • List price
    3. Four copies of the following:
      • Product literature and/or DVD of machine or equipment in operation
      • Press coverage
    4. Two digital high resolution pictures of your product


Entry forms together with all supporting information should be posted to RABDF, Dairy House, Unit 31 Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. CV8 2LY and electronic information emailed to:  

The winning entry must insure the trophy presented for one year following the date of presentation and arrange for the safe return, at their cost, to RABDF one month in advance of the following Livestock Event.

For an application or for further details please contact