Royal Dairy Innovation Award

FRS Network Developments, winners of the 2016 Prince Philip Award

FRS Network Developments, winners of the 2016 Prince Philip Award

Semex’s Immunity+ was crowned winner of the Royal Dairy Innovation Award at Dairy-Tech 2018.  Using a patented technology Immunity+ sires are selected for their ability to genetically increase the immune status of their daughters, and thus they naturally improve the cows' resistance to infection and disease.  By using this technology in breeding decisions dairymen constantly improve their cows' health and well-being generation by generation, which reduces antibiotic use.

Semex were awarded as the winner through their well presented and researched innovative new product that all of the judges thought offered dairy farmers advancement in genetic selection for improved health traits.

The Royal Dairy Innovation Award is for research and development in the field of dairy farming and will next be awarded for the most practical, relevant product or service which is, or likely to be, the most significant innovation for the future of dairying from a company exhibiting at Dairy-Tech 2019.  The Award will initially be judged on an on-line submission made to the RABDF office.  This should include a written description, supporting literature, on-line demonstrations etc.  A shortlist will be compiled and these exhibits will be judged at Dairy-Tech.  Finalists will be expected to give a presentation/demonstration in the Innovation Hub at Dairy-Tech at an allocated time.

The Award takes the form of a framed certificate signed personally by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne and is to be retained by the winning entrants.  The winner will also receive a trophy and a 10% discount (maximum of £300) off their stand booking for Dairy-Tech 2020.  The finalists will receive a Finalist Certificate to display on their stand.



2016 Prince Philip Award Winner - FRS Network Developments

FRS Network Developments were presented with the RABDF Prince Philip Award 2016, for their Herdwatch Farming App.  The judges thought the Herdwatch Farming App was a simple piece of low-tech that met the need of these cash strapped times.  It uses the everyday technology of a smart phone and iCloud to store and download dairy data that can be tapped into by any member of a farm team who is equipped with a modern mobile telephone.

  • 2016 Winner - FRS Network Developments

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