Lobbying & Consultations

  • The Association is run by a team of practical dairy farmers who are nominated and elected by the RABDF members. Together, we ensure dairy farmers views and concerns are represented at regular meetings that take place with government officials, MPs, retailers, processors and other agricultural organisations. This involvement also ensures that we are constantly in touch with any policies being considered.
  • RABDF participates in a large number of industry groups, including the Dairy Supply Chain Forum, Dairy2020 , The Prince’s Rural Action Programme- Business in the Community –Dairy Initiative , CHECS , Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA), the Environmental Plan for Dairy Farming and the England Cattle Health and Welfare Group, Dairy Comms Group, This is Dairy Farming, Dairy Science Forum, Dairy Sustainability Framework.
  • Following the July 2008 Defra non-decision against a cull of badgers to help control the spread of bovine tuberculosis RABDF have signed up to an Industry Stakeholder agreement and will continue to lobby on behalf of the dairy farmer to ensure that bTB is eradicted from the UK herd. 
  • More on bTB

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Representing you...

RABDF continues to work hard for all its dairy farmer members. We’ve recently been represented at the following meetings:
  • Entrepreneurs in Dairying

  • AAPG Dairy-Joint Secretariat with Dairy UK

  • Dairy Supply Chain Forum

  • College Lecturers Day

  • House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee - giving evidence.

  • Foundation for Collaboration

  • Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS)-RABDF provides the admin and has been developing a risk based approach to bovine TB with Defra and the Welsh Government.

  • GB Cattle Health and Welfare Group.
    Robotic Milking Special Interest Group
    Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA)

  • UK Government working group on Electronic Identification in Cattle

  • BVD England Free Strategy

  • Johnes Disease Action Group

  • Dairy Science Forum-RABDF provide the secretariat.

  • Knowledge Transfer Network

  • UK Dairy Cow Welfare Strategy

  • Defra Exotic Disease Compensation Review.

  • BCMS/Industry Bovine Industry Group