European Projects

RABDF has been involved in number of European projects, details of these  can be found below.


This European project was designed to create a rapid and cost effective tool for multi-pathogen detection in milk.

Funded by the European Commission the Pathomilk project aimed to the competitiveness of small and medium size enterprises, at the same time as safeguarding consumer health and safety. RABDF was fully involved in this project and you can find more details on the Pathomilk website

Geronimo II

Geronimo II- Biogas is a project funded by the European Commission's "Intelligent Energy Europe Programme". 13 organisations from 11 European countries are working closely with dairy and pig farmers to determine the viability of biogas as a feasible investment for their farms, through to supporting them in getting promising biogas business plans off the ground.

Please visit the website for full information.


Getting Energy Reduction on Agendas in Industrial Manufacturing Operations is a project that centres on bringing EU dairy farmers into the energy equation by breaking down the time, resource and knowledge barriers that may block them from being energy efficient. The RABDF are partners in this project and are enabling the real needs, aspirations and barriers of dairy farmers to be communicated to this Intelligent Energy Europe project. The 24 month project will guide and drive the building of a web-based platform known as Geronimo - the European Dairy Energy Website.

The website is now up and running and will provide you with free and practical information on:

  • Energy saving practices, devices and technology that will help you save money.
  • Energy management tools and calculators that will allow to calculate how much energy you could save
  • Renewable energy options such as anaerobic digestion
  • Financial assistance, incentives and legislations

In times of rising milk production costs and moderate farm gate prices, reducing energy consumption can help the profitability of your farm. If you would like to find out more visit Geronimo to register and become part of an online dairy community and start saving.