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RABDF Youngstock Walk - Devon

Location: Awsland Farm, Peters Marland, Torrington, Devon, 
Cost: Free to attend, registration is essential.                             Please register below

The RABDF is pleased to invite you to this farm walk focusing on youngstock and heifer rearing; this day is aimed at dairy and beef farmers.  The aim of the walk is to exchange information on calf health and welfare whilst improving the performance of dairy and beef youngstock rearing.

Come and hear talks on:

  • ‘Prevent profit from going down the drain – dealing with calf scours’ – Boehringer Inglehiem
  • ‘Feeding the Future’ – For Farmers
  • ‘Feed for Growth: Growing better cows’ – Volac
  • ‘Make your farm a fortress – Johnes & BVD control’ – XL Vets
  • ‘Managing air climate, keeping cold calves cosy but fresh’ – Jamie Robertson

Jane and Phil run the family farm and milk 180 Jersey cows on an autumn block calving system.  Cows are calved outside and the calf is fed colostrums with an hour of birth.  Colostrum is fed from the previously calved cow.  The cows colostrums will be collected from the next milking and frozen.  They do not breed from Johnes positive cows.  

The calves are reared in Calf Igloos.  Firstly the calves go into a training Igloo where they are trained to the bucket.  After this they join their peer group.  The calves are fed milk powder – 180g per litre, as this gives the calves more energy.  A coarse mix pellet is put in-front of them from day 1.  The calves stay in their peer group until they are 140kg in weight.  They will stay in the Igloo for 2 weeks after weaning, this is to reduce stress.  They are then moved to the shed.  

They are aiming for calve at 23-24 months.  The calves are weighed and measured regularly at birth, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months of age and again at service. They want the heifers to be 250 -280 kg at service and 400kg at calving.  

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Come and meet the following companies and organisations on the farm walk.

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Principal Sponors

RABDF would like to thank the following  companies for thier support and sponsorship: