RUMA Antibiotic Awareness Day



The Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) is delighted to support European Antibiotic Awareness Day on 18 November.

RUMA Secretary General, John FitzGerald, said he was pleased to see RUMA members such as the BVA and NFU using antibiotic awareness day to provide information on the responsible use of antibiotics which are key medicines in both human and animal health.  Responsible use of antibiotics in livestock helps to maintain animal health and welfare and provide safe food for the consumer.  Antibiotics should not be used as a substitute for good farm management which helps prevent disease and reduce the need for medicines. 

Antibiotic Awareness Day provides an ideal opportunity for everyone to confirm their support for using antibiotics responsibly by signing the pledge to become an antibiotic guardian at  

“There are pledges relevant for everyone, to show how they, personally, can support responsible use,” explained Mr FitzGerald. “As well as those aimed at the medical profession and the public, there are specific pledges for veterinarians, farmers and indeed pet owners too.” Mr FitzGerald added that he has taken the pledge and he encourages others to do so.