Environment Secretary announces further measures to combat bTB

RABDF chairman, Ian Macalpine said: “We wholeheartedly welcome Environment Secretary, Liz Truss’s announcement for a raft of measures to combat bTB. RABDF along with other farming organisations has lobbied long and hard for such actions to contain and eradicate bTB. For Government to be taking the disease and its impact on farming livelihoods so seriously and rolling out an action plan is nothing but good news. 

“Research findings worldwide, have unanimously concluded that the wildlife reservoir must be tackled if bTB is to be eradicated successfully and culling has proven to be effective in the trial cull – we are pleased Government has agreed for culling will continue as one of the strategic combat measures. Also after waiting for over 12 months, we are now able to look forward to responding to the consultation on the package of tougher measures; this has got to be another step in the right direction.”