Get motoring for mentoring!

There's just one month left to get matched with an expert mentor. Get Mentoring in Farming is still recruiting mentees. The programme offers 1:1 mentoring and group mentoring to support mentee farmers.  Group mentoring host in south west England, dairy farmer Andrew Brewer said: “I’d always been interested in agriculture and neighbours were good in supporting me but you tend to learn only from your mistakes. I became aware of mentoring and it’s benefits when I completed a Nuffield scholarship. I’m working with a mentee but it seemed a good idea to develop a group approach as well. We share experiences on-farm and if someone has a specific issue we point them in the right direction. The process speeds up the cascade of information to farmers”.

Phil Bramhall, Mentor Manager, Get Mentoring in Farming, said: “The host farmer becomes a mentor champion, thereby promoting mentoring and supporting numbers of farmers. The idea could become a model of sustainable mentoring and is proving appealing given the practical and operational constraints involved in day to day farming.”

To access support from Get Mentoring in Farming, mentees must register before 31st March 2015.Resources remain accessible through Get Mentoring in Farming
Tel:  01325 307336