RABDF backs EFRA’s call for GCA powers to extend to dairy farmers

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers has whole heartedly supported the EFRA committee’s call for the Groceries Code Adjudicator’s (GCA) powers to be extended from immediate effect, to protect milk prices ultimately paid to dairy farmers.

“The GCA is currently ineffective in that it cannot do anything to help dairy farmers,” says RABDF chairman, Ian Macalpine. “Virtually no liquid milk is sold direct, there is a continuing lack of transparency throughout the sector, and until we get better market intelligence, then we will continue to suffer milk price volatility.

“Consequently we are very supportive of the EFRA committee’s appeal to Government for the GCA’s remit to be extended to protect dairy processors, both large and small supplying the major retailers, which in turn should improve the price and security for dairy farmers. We would urge action at the very earliest.” 

He adds: “We all have to accept that there has to be a good working relationship between farmers, processors and retailers if we are going to have a sustainable supply chain.”