RABDF calls for First Milk honesty

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers has called for honesty among First Milk officials following its announcement to defer this week’s fortnightly payment to members and to make changes to their capital contributions.

“We urge First Milk board to be honest and up front with its communications with members, many of whom have been left uncertain of the future of their dairy farming businesses," says RABDF chairman, Ian Macalpine. “They need to be informed of the absolute truth in particular about the use of their increased capital contributions from the current 0.5ppl to 2ppl.

“First Milk’s member businesses are being put under enormous stress with crucial decision making with banks and suppliers, both for the short and long term. Consequently, they need accurate information in order to make these decisions; they also need to be reassured that they will continue to have a milk buyer,” he says adding: “We urge all First Milk members to attend their delayed AGM on 30 January.”