Dairy farmers urged to complete EU labour survey

RABDF determines foreign labour contribution post Brexit

Dairy farmers are being urged to complete RABDF’s EU labour survey which sets out to determine foreign labour’s current contribution to the sector.

“We are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects Brexit may have on the use of non-UK citizen labour on UK dairy farms which we anticipate could be at an all-time high,” says RABDF chairman, Mike King.

“Two years ago, we carried out the first migrant survey in the dairy sector and found that one third of dairy farmers had employed foreign labour. We are revisiting their current contribution and in addition, aiming to identify if there are any potential issues.

“The survey has also been designed to determine where dairy farming needs Government to support to maintain its non-UK citizen labour workforce,” he says adding: “We will be sharing our survey findings with Government and in particular, to Gisela Stuart MP who is currently leading an inquiry on the status of EU nationals in the UK.”

A copy of the survey can be found on https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/EUlabourbrexit