Making more from grazed grass.........

RABDF, BGS, AHDB Dairy spring farm walk, Clitheroe, Lancashire; 20 April

Dairy producers will be able to find out how to make more milk from grass this coming season at the first RABDF, BGS, AHDB Dairy spring farm walk hosted by Mark Verity, at Radholme Laund Farm, Whitewell, Clitheroe on Wednesday 20 April. 

Mark will explain how his 370 cow herd autumn calving herd, currently averaging 8,200 litres, is targeting 3,000 litres from forage on what he describes is a very challenging LFA unit lying between 600’ and 900’ and with an annual 60” rainfall. That strategy includes reducing input costs by depending on the 21 day rotational grazing system for M + 20 litres, whilst continuing feeding parlour concentrates but cutting out the buffer apart from the high yielders.

Visitors will also be able to check out the unit’s approach to reseeding and soil management including subsoiling.

Topic for discussion include

•    grazing management on a high rainfall hill farm, Bess Jowsie, LIC
•    grassland and soil management, James Bretherton, Agscope
•    feeding autumn block calving cows, Duncan Rose, Carrs Billington 

RABDF chief executive, Nick Everington commented: “This event will provide all dairy farmers, whatever their strategy, with the opportunity to question their management systems and how they can seriously make more from grass, the cheapest form of forage, to enable them to cope with the current downturn in the marketplace.”

Pre-registration is essential. See or call 0845 458 2711.